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Sherri Palle 

Co-Founder, Business Advisor & Coach 


“I help the entire team connect the dots and make sense of the complex world in which they

operate – so they can gain control, coordinate their efforts, exceed client expectations, embrace

automation, achieve their goals, reduce stress, and restore the passion and enthusiasm

for what they do.” 

Sherri is fervently committed to helping financial professionals either fine-tune or completely re-engineer their advisory practice to create success by systematizing and growing their practice.  She invests whole-heartedly in your team and will become fully entrenched in your business to provide the best advice possible.  This requires exceptional skills at listening and understanding people, systems and process. She will ask you lots of questions.  She is known for her high-energy calls which provide motivation, enthusiasm, and thought provoking ‘aha moments’ – making these calls something the entire team looks forward to. 


Sherri began working as a Business Coach at Pareto Systems in 2005 where she worked with financial advisory teams all over North America and continues to work in collaboration with Pareto Systems today.  In 2014 she co-founded Mindset Consulting allowing her to work extensively with an exclusive group of advisory teams.   


During her nearly 15 years of coaching, she’s had the opportunity to develop and deliver customized training programs for several financial firms throughout North America.  In fact, she works collaboratively with Terry to deliver their corporate solution of group coaching, which allows them to assist a larger number of advisory teams with their Practice Management endeavours.  They have formed long-standing relationships with a select group of the top-tier financial firms in the US and Canada.      


Previously, Sherri spent nine years working directly in the financial services industry where she naturally gravitated to developing systems and process – to create order and quality control for all aspects of the client experience.  This is in fact, where she was introduced to coaching via Pareto Systems in 2002 – 17 years ago.  Combined, her direct industry knowledge and coaching experience provide her with 24 years of unique insight, which puts her in a solid position to help teams fully implement a results-driven process. 




  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA) University of Victoria, Victoria BC.

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) Mount Allison University, Sackville NB.

  • Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA®) 

  • Professional Financial Planner (PFP) 

  • Canadian Securities Course (CSC) and Conduct Practices (CPH) 

More about Sherri


Sherri lives in the sea-side town of Sooke on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  She enjoys keeping busy with her three children:  Ayden, Ethan and Samantha.  This includes supporting their increased independence as they move from teenagers to young adults, as well as volunteering with them for various school, sport & community initiatives.  Personally, she thoroughly enjoys keeping fit by walking daily.  She likes to read self-help and business-related books, but also looks forwarding to indulging in a great rock concert!  Sherri’s life has been personally affected by Autism and she has fully embraced advocating for this cause. She is a member of the BC Autism Society and Founder of the Sooke Autism Support System (SASS).


Favorite Words to Live By


"If you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life."   

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TRUST is Everything

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