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Build Your Dream Team

Who is this Program Designed For?


This program is designed for Advisors looking for a comprehensive, highly personalized coaching

program.  The customized structure creates a unique partnership between the Advisor and the

Mindset Business Advisor that allows us to meaningfully assist in the implementation of well-defined

best practices to effectively lead, manage and motivate their team. 

How Do I Participate?


This program is fully supported by individual coaching calls and working sessions with you and your team for each of the 16 Best Practices.  You will always receive a Mindset Action Plan (MAP) after each session which details exactly what we are working on, who's doing what, and how to prepare for the next session.  You will of course have access to your Mindset Business Advisor outside of the scheduled calls when needed.


You will also be provided online access to our 16 Best Practice Learning Modules.  Each of the modules contain videos, print-ready Guidebooks, tools, worksheets, scripts, agendas, letter templates and many other resources to ensure that you implement successfully.  This access is in perpetuity (forever), which means you can revisit the materials down the road for refreshers, training new people, or checking out any program enhancements.  We will also provide you with additional resources as required based on our work together.

You will also receive a deluxe Mindset Consulting organizer to help keep everything on track for you and your team. 

CE Credit Eligibility

Canadian participants who successfully complete The Dream Team Program qualifies for:

  • 10 FP Canada - Approved CE Credits (5 Financial Planning & 5 Practice Management)

  • 16 MFDA - Approved CE Credits (11 Professional Development & 5 Business Conduct)

  • 16 IIROC - Approved CE Credits (16 Professional Development)

Stay tuned for updates on CE eligibility for US Program Participants!

What's Included...




What Will I Learn About?


This program curriculum is as follows:

  1. Your Advisory Blueprint - Map Out Your Team Structure

  2. Clearly Define Roles - Develop Job Descriptions for Each Team Member

  3. New Hires & Team Expansion - Be Strategic with New Hires and Expansion

  4. New Hire Onboarding - An Organized, Professional Approach

  5. New Hire Integration - Set Your New Team Member up for Success

  6. Client Transition Process - An Effective Approach to Transition Clients to a New Advisory Team

  7. Client Realignment Process - A Client-Friendly Experience to Being Introduced to a New FA

  8. Capture Your Intellectual Property - Document Your Recipe For Success (Procedures Manual) 

  9. Communication Protocol - Have a Plan for Efficiency & Organization

  10. Full CRM Integration – Fully Harness the Engine of Your Practice

  11. Annual Strategic Planning Session – Align the Entire Team with Your Vision

  12. Quarterly Strategic Meeting – A 90-Day Check Point to Keep Everyone on Track

  13. The Weekly Team Meeting - A Continuous, Predictable Approach to Solid Team Communication

  14. Promote Professional Growth – Attract, Grow & Keep Terrific Team Members

  15. Align Compensation – Reward & Acknowledge in a Variety of Ways

  16. Exceptional Leadership Model - Take Great Care of Your Biggest Asset - Your Team

Program Duration:  4-8 months (depends on your capacity and desired pacing)

Program Cost:              $8,500

Ready to Start a Conversation?


Contact us to schedule a Meet & Greet so we can get to know more about each other:


    Terry Gronbeck-Jones       

    Sherri Palle                         

This is the first step of several in our well-defined FIT Process to ensure it makes sense to embark on this partnership together. 

Deluxe Welcome Package

The package contains a variety of items to inspire and motivate you to want us to get this show on the road!

Direct Access To Your Business Coach

You will have direct access to your personal Business Coach during normal business hours via email or phone.

Bi-Weekly One-on-One Concierge Sessions

These sessions will focus on helping you get specific results and implementation in pre-identified areas of importance to you.

Connect To Our Community & Affiliates

Updates from our Mindset community via LinkedIn, Email & Newsletters. Our Affiliates will share their knowledge and expertise.

24/7 on-line access

Access to our exceptional best practices program, which includes a variety of videos, resources, and online instructions. 

Bi-Weekly Mindset Action Plans

- Your MAP

After Each Session you will receive a detailed Map outlining action items, next steps, resources, and how to prepare for the next session. This is our roadmap throughout the entire program.

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