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Corporate Solutions
Concierge Coaching 

Who is this Program Designed For?


This program is designed for financial institutions who want to deliver a custom version of our best practices which (if desired) can incorporate a variety of internal resources and systems your firm offers.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Planning Approach (planning software and client deliverable)

  • Marketing & Branding (client facing items)

  • CRM (contact management system)

How Do We Participate?


This program is fully supported by individual coaching calls and working sessions with you and your team for each of the 22 Best Practices.  You will always receive a Mindset Action Plan (MAP) after each session which details exactly what we are working on, who's doing what, and how to prepare for the next session.  You will of course have access to your Mindset Business Advisor outside of the scheduled calls when needed.


Participants will be provided online access to our 22 Best Practice Learning Modules.  Each of these modules includes videos, print-ready Guidebooks, tools, worksheets, scripts, agendas, letter templates and many other resources to help you implement successfully.  This access is in perpetuity and available to all of your team members.  We will provide you with additional resources as required based on our work together.

Participants will also receive a deluxe Mindset Consulting organizer to help keep everything on track for you and your team. 

What Will I Learn About?


The program curriculum includes the following, but can be amended (expanded or contracted) to align with your training objectives.

  1. Welcome - Introduction to Our Philosophy & Approach

  2. Your Vision - Define What's Important to You

  3. Client Classification - Create a Framework to Meaningfully Organize Your Clients

  4. Rightsizing - Analyze and Make Strategic Decisions

  5. Client Profiling - Deliver Highly Personalized Service

  6. Client Service Model - Create an Exceptional Client Experience

  7. Host Awesome Client Events - Have a tradition of great events for your high value clients

  8. Client Communication - Master Your Branding 

  9. Referrals - Position Referrals as a Service for Top Clients

  10. New Client Onboarding – Onboard New Clients so it Becomes an Integral Part of Your Exclusive Branding

  11. Pre-Appointment – Differentiate your Brand with a Great First Impression Before They Even Meet You

  12. The 1st Appointment – Understand the Psychology that Motivates Prospective Clients into Wanting to do Business With You

  13. The 2nd Appointment – Continue to Build Trust and be the Financial Forensics Expert

  14. The 3rd Appointment – Give them Financial Peace of Mind and an Exceptional Deliverable

  15. New Client Welcome – Just When They Think it Can’t Get Any Better

  16. Existing Client Process - Bring Your Best to Your Top Clients

  17. 1st Rebranding Appointment - Hit the Refresh on Your Relationship

  18. 2nd Rebranding Appointment - Wow them with the PFO

  19. Review Meetings - Maximize Your Value

  20. The PFO Legacy - Utilize the Personal Financial Organizer

  21. Your Strategic Partners - Collaborate to Provide Exceptional Wealth Management 

  22. The Road to Success - How to Keep it All on Track


Ready to Start a Conversation Now?


Contact us to schedule a Meet & Greet so we can get to know more about each other:


    Terry Gronbeck-Jones                       

    Sherri Palle                                         

This is the first step of several in our well-defined fit process to ensure it makes sense to embark on this partnership together. 

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