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Paper Abstract

The Alumni Program

Who is this Program Designed For?


This program is for Advisors looking for additional support and accountability in their ongoing

implementation of concepts already covered, introduction of new areas of focus, or to assist

during times of transition (new team members, changing firms, succession planning, etc.). 

You drive the topics based on what you need to get traction and results in your business.


How Do I Participate?


This program is fully supported by individual coaching calls and working sessions with you and your team for each topic of your choice.   You will always receive a Mindset Action Plan (MAP) after each session which details exactly what we are working on, who's doing what, and how to prepare for the next session. You will of course have access to your Mindset Business Advisor outside of the scheduled calls when needed.

You will also be provided online access to our 22 Best Practice Learning Modules.  Each of the modules contain videos, print-ready Guidebooks, tools, worksheets, scripts, agendas, letter templates and many other resources to help you implement successfully.  This access is in perpetuity and available to all of your team members.  We will provide you with additional resources as required based on our work together.

What's Included...

Ongoing Coaching Sessions

These sessions will focus on helping you get specific results and implementation in pre-identified areas of importance to you.

Direct Access To Your Business Coach

You will have direct access to your personal Business Coach during normal business hours via email or phone.

24/7 on-line access

Access to our exceptional best practices program, which includes a variety of videos, resources, and online instructions. 

What Will I Learn About?


There are many areas additional support can be provided, here are just some of them:


  • Enhanced Accountability & Problem Solving

  • Ongoing Fine Tuning or Help with Rebranding

  • Assistance with Implementation Issues and Your Real Life Case Studies

  • Further Enhancing the Client Experience or Client Onboarding

  • Revisiting areas that Require Further Attention and/or Implementation

  • Team Growth & Revised Organization and Structure

  • Recruit, Interview, Hire & and Orient New Team Members

  • Preparing to Move Firms or Succession Planning

  • Strategic Alliances (working effectively with Your Professional Network)

  • New Concepts not Covered During Initial Implementation

  • Other Special Situations


Program Duration: 1 Coaching Session to Ongoing (depends on what you need)

Program Cost:          $295 Monthly or $495 Bi-Monthly

Ready to Start a Conversation?

Feel free to contact the Business Advisor you previously worked with to learn more:


    Terry Gronbeck-Jones       

    Sherri Palle                         

Connect To Our Community & Affiliates

Updates from our Mindset community via LinkedIn, Email & Newsletters. Our Affiliates will share their knowledge and expertise.

Mindset Action Plans - Your MAP

After each session you will receive a detailed MAP outlining action items, next steps, and how to prepare for the next session.

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