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Weekly Team Meetings



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Team Meeting

"Never begin the day until it is finished on paper"

-Jim Rohn



  • Provide a predictable weekly checkpoint for everyone on the team

  • Create an Agenda that makes these meetings some of the best time you spend all week

  • Enable full participation from everyone on the team on a regular basis

  • Establish a simple method of accountability on a weekly basis with your team members

  • Allow a point of consistent accessibility to the Advisor(s) so the team can have questions answered, and so they can forge ahead with their many client-specific tasks

  • Develop a greater sense of team unity

  • Demonstrate your solid, consistent, professional leadership.


Weekly Team Meeting

  1. Follow the implementation instructions outlined in the Weekly Team Meeting Guidelines to either initiate or improve your ongoing team communication.

  2. Choose a weekly day and time to meet that is convenient to everyone. 

    • The beginning of the week tends to work well for many Advisors and their staff

    • Fridays are generally not recommended due to days off, early departures, other meetings, etc.

  3. Book the team meeting into everyone’s organizer as a reoccurring commitment over the long-term. 

    • Do not skip the meeting due to one team member’s absence (unless you are a team of two)

    • As an Advisor, you show respect to your team by showing up on time and fully prepared

  4. Review the Weekly Team Meeting Agenda and customize where required.

  5. Make sure everyone has a copy of the Agenda at the outset of each meeting. 

    • It is the same Agenda each time, so this is easy to facilitate

  6. Come prepared to the meeting.

    • Each attendee must be up to date with respect to the areas of business operations they are responsible for

  7. Make sure you have a meeting facilitator.

  8. Keep things short and concise. These meetings should not take any longer than 30 minutes.

  9. Consistency will be important in forming and reinforcing your new structured approach to team communication.

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