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Quarterly Strategic Meeting



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Team Meeting

"An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing"

-Dale Carnegie

These two videos are the same, but are offered in two different formats to accomodate our users. 

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  • Provide a predictable 90-day checkpoint for everyone on the team as it relates to the strategic initiatives and goals of the practice

  • Create an Agenda that assess progress and outlines next steps

  • Enable full participation from everyone on the team on a regular basis

  • Establish a simple method of accountability on a quarterly basis with your team members

  • Develop a greater sense of team unity

  • Demonstrate your solid, consistent, professional leadership.


Set & Prepare for the Quarterly Strategic Meeting

  1. To get started review Provide Ongoing Leadership & Guidance.

  2. Identify who on the team is responsible for the Quarterly Strategic Meeting – they will be responsible for implementing the steps outlined in this process.

  3. Schedule the Quarterly Strategic Meetings into everyone’s organizer for the next year. 

    • These meetings take about 3 hours, so plan for a morning or an afternoon.

    • Provide beverages and snacks/meals to make it a more enjoyable event for your team.

  4. Review the Quarterly Strategic Meeting Agenda and customize as required based on what you want your team to cover.

  5. Remind everyone at the Weekly Team Meeting that it is coming up on the schedule and to be prepared to update everyone on all items they are responsible for.

  6. Send the Agenda to the team two weeks in advance of the meeting so they can begin preparing any areas of the Agenda they will be responsible for.


Facilitating the Quarterly Strategic Meeting

  1. Make sure everyone has a copy of the Agenda at the outset of each meeting. 

    • Use the same Agenda template, so it is easy to update and use.

  2. Use the Quarterly Strategic Progress Tracker each quarter to clearly identify the following:

    • Goals & Initiatives Important for that Quarter

    • Who on the team is responsible for overseeing it?

    • Action Items for how to achieve the goal or initiative

  3. Come prepared to the meeting.

    • Each attendee must be up to date with respect to the areas of business operations they are responsible for. 

  4. Have someone assigned to take notes and send a team update after the meeting.

  5. Consistency will be important in forming and reinforcing your new structured approach to team communication.

















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