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Promote Professional Growth



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Team Meeting

"We rise by lifting others"

-Robert Ingersoll

These two videos are the same, but are offered in two different formats to accomodate our users. 

If you cannot access YouTube (the first video) click on Vimeo (the second video).


  • Adopt an approach to growing & mentoring your team that demonstrates leadership

  • Provide a predictable and professional process for continued career growth & progression, and creating & keeping great team members

  • Use an Agenda to cover a range of important topics and discussions with each of your individual team members

  • Implement an approach that ties compensation to performance, achievement, commitment and continued professional growth.

  • Create a culture of continued growth and excellence.



Promote Professional Growth with Your Team

  1. Review Great Leaders Grow & Mentor Their Team.

  2. Review the sample Annual Feedback & Review Meeting Agenda provided below.

  3. Once customized (if required), you are ready to use this Agenda as a tool to guide you through a methodical approach to conducting the Annual Feedback & Review Meeting with each individual on your team. 

  4. Identify a time of year when it makes most sense for you to be conducting the Annual Feedback & Review Meeting with all team members in your practice. 

    • There may be times of the year that lend favorably to this type of review: 

      • Coincide with firm employee reviews (if applicable),

      • During your annual business planning,

      • Before compensation changes and/or profit-sharing is administered, or to coincide with the anniversary of their hire date.

    • If there is no preferred time of year, begin as soon as you can.

  5. Once you’ve identified the best time of year to implement the Annual Review and Feedback Meeting, create a recurring activity on your organizer to ensure this important activity happens at the same time every year - without fail.

  6. You may want to add quantifiable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for some or all the roles on your team depending on their specific responsibilities and their level of ownership in the team

    • Refer to the KPI Tracker for suggestions on what may be appropriate to measure for a variety of roles on your team.

    • You will need to fully customize these to ensure they are the best fit for everyone on your team meaning some may be removed and others added.

  7. Bring this topic up with all your team members at the next team meeting so they are aware of this new practice and when you anticipate its implementation. 

    • Carefully articulate the purpose and benefits associated with the Annual Feedback & Review Meeting. 

    • Remember, this is intended to be a mutually beneficial process. 

  8. When scheduling, allow 1 hour per team member you are meeting with.

    • Ensure the meetings are conducted in a location that affords both of you privacy to discuss things openly and honestly.

  9. Before long, your team members will look forward to this annual meeting as a regular part of the ongoing relationship maintenance. 

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