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Capture Your Intellectual Property



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Team Meeting

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit"


These two videos are the same, but are offered in two different formats to accomodate our users. 

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  • Review and document every aspect of your wealth management practice

  • Make sure all team members are aware of and accountable to the processes

  • Create processes to ensure clients have a consistent, congruent, and exceptional experience

  • Use the processes created to incorporate automation with your CRM

  • Ensure a seamless client experience when team members are away short or long-term

  • Assist with successful realignment of tasks within the team when redefining roles

  • Facilitate the training of new or temporary staff

  • Increase the value of your business

  • Have standard scripting and templates for all core business correspondence


Capture Your Intellectual Property

  1. Delegate the responsibility of coordinating the Procedures Manual to one person on the team.  They will be your Procedures Manual Coordinator. Their main role is to keep this project on track which means everyone on the team is doing their part to make this project a reality.

  2. Add the Procedures Manual to the Weekly Team Agenda to ensure the coordinator has a consistent method for being updated on the status of procedures that have been assigned to each team member.

  3. Identify a reasonable timeframe for completion (4 to 6 months is recommended). 

    • Set the expectation for each team member to create 1 or 2 procedures a week until the Procedures Manual is complete. 

  4. Download the electronic version of the Procedures Manual we provide, add your name/logo, and then save it to the shared drive. 

    • Remove or add sections from the Table of Contents so it best fits your business.

  5. You should use the work you completed on Your Advisory Blueprint to identify each procedure to be created, who is accountable for completing it, and when the task should be finished.

  6. Use the Process Template to ensure all procedures are written following the same format. 

  7. Refer to the following samples for illustrations of how this might be completed:

  8. Once a process is completed, someone on the team other than the person who is responsible for it should try it out to ensure it is thorough and complete. 

    • Make any revisions as required to finalize the process.

  9. Everyone is expected to follow the processes to ensure efficiency and consistency in the client experience.

  10. If you also wish to have a hardcopy of the Procedures Manual, keep it in a binder with tabs that are appropriate for simple organization and access. Make sure everyone knows where the Procedures Manual is located.



Ongoing Maintenance

  1. The Coordinator will ensure the Procedures Manual is being kept up to date and any new processes are added accordingly.

  2. Each team member is responsible for keeping the procedures they oversee up to date in the Procedures Manual - electronic and hard copy (if applicable).

  3. Each team member must inform the rest of the team when a new procedure is added or modified.

  4. Remind your team they are expected to follow each process exactly as detailed in the Procedures Manual to ensure a predictable and consistent client experience


















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