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Clearly Define Roles



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Team Meeting

"In business, organization is an absolute necessity, not an alternative"

-Larry Burkett


What you can expect from this best practice:

  • Develop clear and accurate job descriptions for all individuals on your team

  • Create awareness of expectations and accountability for each role 

  • Identify opportunities to provide additional training and mentoring to improve your team 

  • Be able to better manage absences of individual team members by understanding how to divide and conquer amongst the remaining individuals 

  • Be prepared for future staffing changes 

  • Know how to plan strategically for future changes on your team




Develop Job Descriptions for Each Team Member

  1. Update or create job descriptions to reflect the responsibilities outlined in Your Advisory Blueprint, completed in the previous section.

  2. You may wish to refer to the samples provided to help you get started:

  3. Once updated, carefully review it with each team member individually.

  4. If you have realigned new tasks to them, make sure they are set up for success, so they:

    • Understand the process and outcome desired.

    • Have the necessary resources (ie., access to systems, office equipment); and

    • Receive additional training if needed.

  5. Over time, if you make changes to Your Advisory Blueprint, be sure to translate those changes to the Job Descriptions you have created for the various individuals on your team



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