Our Solutions

One-To-One Coaching (Exclusively with Your Team)


The Mindset Method 

Whether you are looking to fine-tune or completely re-engineer your business, this program covers all key aspects of how to help you systematize and grow your advisory practice.  It will help you harmonize the people, processes, systems and technology to achieve your ideal business model.  


The Alumni Program

This program is available exclusively to advisors who have already worked with our Business Advisors in some capacity (i.e. our existing clients). It is designed to help them maximize their implementation of The Mindset Method and/or work on other areas related to the continued evolution of their advisory business.  This program may involve any number of calls, as determined by the advisor and there is no minimum specified time.  

Independent Learning (Working on Your Own)


Mindset On Demand


This program is for those who simply want access to our full suite of proven best practices along with all of the videos, guidebooks, tools and resources that go along with them.  You can complete this program at your own pace and work on it anytime.      

Corporate Solutions (Working with Practice Management)

We work collaboratively with financial institutions across North America to deliver a variety of business advisory solutions.  This includes one-to-one program offerings as well as one-to-many training programs.  

This unique partnership has us working very closely with the practice management experts of your organization and customizing our proven concepts to fit your firms branding, culture and strategic priorities.