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Our Process

Our one-to-one Concierge Coaching Program is not the right choice for everyone. 


To be absolutely sure we are right for you and you for us, we have a process to help everyone make the right decision.


The "Meet & Greet"


First things first: we have a 20 minute introductory call to get to know a little bit more about each other to see if it makes sense to proceed.


Our Introduction Package


We send you our Introduction Package which provides you with more details about who we are and what we do.


Our Follow Up


We will reach out to you once you've received the Introduction Package to see if you'd like to proceed to the 'Fit Meeting'.


Our "Fit" Meeting


We have an in-depth 45 to 60 minute conversation where all questions are answered, situations are assessed and we both go away and think about what we've learned.  There are no decisions made at this meeting.


Our Mutual Decisions


A couple of days after our Fit Meeting we will call you at the time we had set to discuss our respective decisions.




TRUST is Everything

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