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Care for Yourself - Health & Physical Wellbeing

"It is not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make happiness a priority. It's necessary." - Mandy Hale

What You Will Learn

  • Develop an understanding of each of the 4 pillars of Self-Care

  • Take an inventory of your approach to each of the 4 pillars

    • Sleep

    • Nutrition

    • Fitness

    • Stress Management

  • Know how to create and plan schedules regarding the various aspects of your self-care

  • Build a strong understanding of who you are and what your mind and body needs

  • Understand what to look out for if your self-care is lacking

  • Knowing the impact self-care can have on both your personal and professional life

How You Can Get Started

Understand the 4 Pillars of Self Care

  1. Review The 4 Pillars of Health & Physical Wellbeing to gain an understanding of what’s needed for a strong self care routine.

  2. Conduct a personal inventory using the Health & Physical Wellbeing Assessment to identify which of the 4 Pillars you are strong in and which ones may need more time and attention.

  3. Review Pillar 1: Sleep to understand the benefits of having a secure sleep schedule.

    • Know how to look for signs of sleep deprivation or lack of sleep by referring to the Sleep Deprivation document.

    • Use the 10 Rules of Sleep to help create a strong sleep schedule and sleep space for maximum rest.

    • Using the knowledge gained from this chapter plan a sleep schedule that will work the best for you and your life.

  4. Review Pillar 2: Nutrition to gain an understanding of the benefits of having a balanced diet.

    • Use 10 Tips for Healthy Eating to gain an understanding of what you need to include to have a balanced diet throughout your week.

    • The Weekly Meal Planner can be used to help plan out your meals. Allowing you to see exactly what you are eating and giving you the knowledge of how to perfectly balance your meals.

  5. Review Pillar 3: Fitness to understand the benefits fitness can have on both your body and soul.

    • Using the Fitness Health Worksheet - write down types of physical activities you would be interested in trying or you think would benefit your health.

    • Using the Fitness Weekly Planner - plan out your goal for physical activity this week. Try to aim for 30-60 minutes everyday.

  6. Review Pillar 4: Stress Management to gain an understanding of the benefits being able to cope with your stress in a healthy and meaningful way.


Self Care Activities


  1. Review Self Care Activities for ideas on other ways to implement important self-care routines which may not fall under The 4 Pillars of Self Care. 

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