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Deliver an Exceptional Client Experience

"Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design." - Clare Muscutt

What You Will Learn

  • Improve client loyalty and build higher levels of trust with your best clients

  • Implement a fixed service program for each client group

  • Automate and deliver your Exceptional Client Experience consistently

  • Use time, energy and money resources efficiently in delivering the Client Experience

  • Delegate each service activity to the applicable team member

  • Create procedures for each service activity to ensure consistent and flawless delivery of your Client Experience

  • Enhance referability by cultivating an experience that AAA and AA clients will want others to experience as well

How You Can Get Started


Create Your Exceptional Client Experience Model 

  1. To get started, review Create Brand Loyalty.

  2. Begin to map out the activities you would like to include in your Client Experience using the Client Experience Worksheet which provides a sample of client service activities.

    • Carefully think about the client experience you want to create.

    • To be mindful of capacity, be sure to add the number of households in each category in the column indicating Client Classification.

    • To be mindful of variances with profitability between the client types, be sure to add the average revenue generated for each type of client group as well in the Total Contact column.

  3. To learn more about each of the client service items listed, review the Client Experience Activities Overview.

    • Carefully consider the activities you don’t currently offer and identify the ones you’d like to incorporate into your client experience.

    • Consider the service activities that you presently engage in and assess the return on investment of the time, energy and money spent on each activity. If you plan to continue it, add it.

  4. Once you know which service activities you want to offer, you need to determine the following:

    • Which clients will receive this service?

    • When will it be provided?

    • Who on the team will be responsible for this activity?

    • How will it be implemented?

  5. Once you’ve customized the Client Experience Worksheet you are ready to activate it using technology. 

  6. Assign a team member to fully automate Your Client Experience on your CRM. 

    • Your CRM may have a service feature to allow for easy implementation or you may use a combination of recurring activities and workflows to do so.

    • If you do not have a CRM, you may have to use an Excel Spreadsheet in combination with Outlook.

  7. To ensure consistency and efficiency with delivery, have your team members create procedures for each of the service activities they are responsible for. 



Deliver Your Client Experience 

Now that you’ve decided what you’d like to do as it relates to your Client Experience, it is GO time!

You likely have many long-standing traditions the team and clients will be familiar with, which is terrific.  You will also likely be adding some new client service activities or tweaking existing ones – and for those, we recommend you review the supporting resources below.

  1. Consider how you may be able to improve your Wealth Planning Session.

    • Refer to the best practice called Facilitate Great Wealth Planning Sessions for more great information about this concept.

  2. Review the Relationship Call Script to successfully make these very important, high impact calls to your high value clients.

  3. Understand more about the Annual Service Touch:

  4. Use the WOW Moments to assist you with personalizing service to your high value clients.

    • Refer to the best practice called Care For Your Clients & Initiate WOW Moments for more great information about this fun and impactful concept.

  5. Use the Article of Interest Inventory to efficiently implement this personalized touch to your high value clients.

  6. Find a great provider who has a wide range of stunning cards to choose from for the various acknowledgements you may be including:  Thanksgiving, Birthday, Holidays and WOW Moments.

  7. Refer to the best practice called Host Awesome Client Events for more great information on how to show your clients, prospects, and strategic partners a great time.

  8. If you haven’t chosen your annual anchor gift yet, review the Annual Client Gift Ideas.

    • Begin brainstorming with your team.

    • Carefully review those items on your short-list.

    • Set a deadline for your decision.

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