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Concierge Consulting & Coaching


Who is this Program Designed For?

Our Concierge Consulting & Coaching focuses on fully supporting and providing solutions related

to ongoing Practice Management, Business Development, Operations, Leadership, Project

Management, Individual Team Support & Team Culture. It also includes ongoing review and

enhancement of the Core Business Operations:

  • Client Classification & Analysis

  • Client Experience

  • Review Meetings & Financial Planning Integration

  • Client Onboarding & the Introduction Process

  • Branding & Messaging

  • Team Management 

  • Working with Strategic Partners

  • Other Business Development Initiatives

  • Core Operations & CRM Integration

In addition, a priority focus would be placed on areas and initiatives identified in the Annual Strategic Planning Session along with any planned or unplanned changes and transitions.

How Do I Participate?

This program is exclusively available to Advisors and Advisory Teams who have worked with a Mindset Consulting Advisor previously in either The Mindset Method or Build Your Dream Team program.

The Concierge Consulting & Coaching Solution is available to limited number of elite wealth advisory teams.  Due to the in-depth nature of the work and the significant commitment of time required to deliver these exceptional services to the team, each Consultant will have a small number of clients within this program.

What's Included...



Annual Strategic Planning

This is facilitated virtually by your Mindset Consultant, as well as having them provide you with all necessary guidance.

Annual Best Practice Assessment

A detailed, comprehensive assessment of all core areas of the business. This is the basis for all areas of coaching and consulting.

Annual Team Assessment

An annual survey will be conducted with each team member to collect valuable information regarding the team and its operations.

Quarterly Strategic Team Meeting

Delivered as a virtual meeting every quarter, with the purpose to assess progress on goals/initiatives identified in other sessions.

Coach's Corner Communication

The Coach's Corner is a quarterly communication piece designed specifically to reinforce, motivate & inspire your team!

Monthly Activity Summary Report

Management will be provided with a monthly report summarizing the coaching & consulting activities for the month.

Ongoing Sessions

Ongoing team, individual & management sessions will be held, as required, based on what the team is focused on achieving.

Access to a Mindset Coach

Team members are welcome to reach out any time. When necessary, specific training sessions and follow-ups will be issued. 

Mindset Online Resources

Everyone on your team will have perpetual access to the best practices on the Mindset Consulting Dashboard.

Lifeboat Provision

Teams are welcome to send information related to their practice management which is carefully stored and saved.

Program Duration:   1 Year (renewable annually if desired)


Program Cost:            $15,000

Ready to Start a Conversation?

Feel free to contact the Business Advisor you previously worked with to learn more:


    Terry Gronbeck-Jones       

    Sherri Palle                         

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