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New Hire Training

Who is this Program Designed For?

This program is designed for Advisors who want a process to help streamline and accelerate the integration of one or more New Hires - in any variety of positions.


The customized structure creates a simple yet thorough process to fully integrate the New Hire as quickly as possibly as it relates to The Mindset Method and the 4 Pillars philosophy and approach.  Most teams take a year to go through this program working hard at learning, customizing, building out processes, and fully integrating their CRM.  This program condenses all of that work into a training approach that allows the New Hire to fully transition and adopt the proactive culture of excellence as well as, understand the rhythm of the business.

The added bonus to this program is it often helps teams update resources where required (ie. Introduction Kits, websites, other templates where appropriate) as well as, help them correct any 'drift' that has happened as it relates to implementation since program completion.

How Do We Participate?


This program is fully supported by individual coaching calls and working sessions with your New Hire(s). The 12 weekly training sessions allow us to walk your New Hire through core aspects of each of the 4 Pillars online.  In addition they are coached on the specific resources, implementation, and CRM integration your team has adopted.


Your New Hire will receive specific Action Items after each session along with instructions on how to prepare for the next session.  You will be included on all email correspondence so you can stay on track with their progress.  You will have access to your Mindset Business Advisor outside of the scheduled training sessions if needed. 

The New Hire will be provided with constant online access to our Best Practice Learning modules. Each module contains videos, tools, worksheets, scripts, agendas, letter templates and many other resources so you can effortlessly implement what you learn from the program. This access is continuous so you can revisit resources and parts of the program after your training has ended. 

What's Included...









12 Weekly Training Sessions

These sessions will focus on helping you get specific results and implementation in pre-identified areas of importance to you.

Direct Access To Your Business Coach

You will have direct access to your personal Business Coach during normal business hours via email or phone.

24/7 on-line access

Access to our exceptional best practices program, which includes a variety of videos, resources, and online instructions. 

12 Weekly Training Guidelines

These email follow ups outline specific Action Items related to the topic of the week as well as, outlines instructions on how to prepare for the next session.

Connect To Our Community & Affiliates

Updates from our Mindset community via LinkedIn, Email & Newsletters. Our Affiliates will share their knowledge and expertise.

What Will I Learn About?


  • Week 1 - Welcome and introduction to the core philosophies & program approach

Pillar 1 - Client Analysis

  • Week 2 - Client Analysis: Classification & Right Sizing

Pillar 2 - Client Experience

  • Week 3 - Client Experience 1: Deliver Personalized Service with FORM

  • Week 4 - Client Experience 2: Our Proactive Service Model

Pillar 3 - Client Onboarding

  • Week 5 - Client Onboarding 1: New Client Advocate Process & Pre Appt.

  • Week 6 - Client Onboarding 2: The 1st Appointment

  • Week 7 - Client Onboarding 3: The 2nd Appointment – Fact Finding

  • Week 8 - Client Onboarding 4: The 3rd Appointment – Implement & the PFO

  • Week 9 - Client Onboarding 5: New Client Welcome Process

Pillar 4 - Client Rebranding

  • Week 10 - Existing Client Rebranding             

  • Week 11 - Review Meeting Process

  • Week 12 - Training Recap & Summary (Or other topics if determined)

Program Duration: 12 Weekly Sessions/3 Months

Program Cost:               $3,000

Ready to Start a Conversation Now?


Contact us to schedule a Meet & Greet so we can get to know more about each other:


    Terry Gronbeck-Jones       

    Sherri Palle                         

This program is only available to teams who have previously completed The Mindset Method and the New Hire Training is delivered by the Mindset Coach they have previously worked with.

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