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Program: Create Exceptional Branding Part 1

Duration: 6-Weeks (Tues. 3 pm EST)

Cost:         $950


Generate Referrals Through Remarkable Client Service

Who is this Program Designed For?


This program is for Advisors looking to competitor-proof top clients, increase referrals from existing clients, and become more attractive to affluent prospects and centers of influence.


Our highly experienced Business Advisors will help you conduct a thorough analysis of your clients, create and implement a proactive service model, deepen your client relationships to build enhanced trust, take inventory of your branding consistency, and help you receive more quality introductions from top clients.


How Do I Participate?


This program is fully supported by an engaging weekly group webinar hosted live by Mindset Consulting. 

For each of the 6 topics in this program, you will be provided online access to our learning modules.  Each of the modules include videos, print-ready guidebooks, and all the tools, scripts and templates to help you implement successfully.  This access is in perpetuity (forever), which means you can revisit the materials down the road for refreshers, training new people, or checking out any program enhancements.  

To help with implementation, you will also receive a 1-hour personalized coaching call with one of our highly experienced Mindset Business Advisors.  The purpose of this one-on-one call is to make sure you get immediate traction and results on the areas that matters most to you.  An additional option is available that includes 2 personal coaching calls.  This option is offered at $1150.


What Will I Learn?


​This program curriculum is as follows:

  1. Client Classification – Client Classification & Your Exclusive Branding

  2. Client Analysis – The Foundation of Strategic Decisions Going Forward

  3. Client Profiling – Deepen Client Relationships and Build High Levels of Trust

  4. Client Service Model – Create Exceptional Branding with a Proactive Service Model

  5. Client Communication – Create Absolute Brand Consistency & Differentiation

  6. Referrals – It’s Not What You Say, but What They Hear – Finally, a Referral Process you can Embrace!


Ready to Start Exceptional Branding Part 1?

6 Webinars + 1 Individual Coaching Call $950                                       


6 Webinars + 2 Individual Coaching Calls $1150                                  

Once your payment has been submitted, please go to "Program Resources" and click "Sign Up" to access the course content.

Your request to access Program Resources will be sent directly to Mindset Consulting where it will be reviewed for authorization.  

Once authorized, you will receive an email and have immediate access to the course content.

You can expect your email confirmation same day or next day during regular business hours Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST.


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