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Pre-Appointment Process



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"Paying attention to simple little details that most men neglect make a few men rich."


Henry Ford

What you can expect from this best practice:

  • Have what you need to initiate your New Client Onboarding process

  • Differentiate your branding at the outset of the relationship

  • Build trust rapidly with a set of client-focused communications 

  • Anchor your branding with your Introduction Kit

  • Professionally position your people and process

  • Create awareness about who you are and what you do


Develop Your Pre-Appointment Process

Review Make a Great First Impression & Differentiate Your Branding to learn more about why the Pre-Appointment Process is important.

  1. Print and review the Pre-Appointment Process Graphic.

  2. Print, review and customize each step in the Pre-Appointment Process: 

  3. Identify who on the team will be responsible for each step in the Pre-Appointment Process. 

    • Add this information to your New Client Checklist from the previous best practice.

  4. Customize the process provided for each step in the Procedures Manual.




These two videos are the same, but are offered in two different formats to accomodate our users. 

If you cannot access YouTube (the first video) click on Vimeo (the second video).
















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