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New Client Process



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"You have to learn the rules of the game.

And then you have to play better than everyone else."


Albert Einstein

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  • Create predictability for you and your team in the process of bringing on a new client

  • Ensure that each new client has the identical experience when they become a client

  • Align your process for bringing on a new client with your Ideal Client profile and long-term business goals

  • Create high levels of trust and rapport with a new client that will last for the duration of your partnership

  • Demonstrate through your process, and your actions, the clear difference between you and others


Begin to Create Your New Client Advocate Process


  1. Print a copy of the New Client Flowchart which illustrates the entire process and presents an overview. 

  2. This process is based on The Professional Approach.

  3. Print a copy of the New Client Process, which outlines each step in more detail.  Each step will be broken down further in the subsequent Best Practices and all resources required for implementation will be provided.

  4. Print a copy of the New Client Checklist, which provides a list you can use to monitor the steps for each new client you bring on. 

  5. Create a folder on your desktop called New Client Process and save each of the New Client Advocate Process resources in the folder. 

  6. Assign a team member to coordinate the New Client Process.

  7. Have your team members create procedures for each of the service activities they are responsible for. 
























TED Talks:  The Story of Cake Mix and "Friction" by Terry O'Reilly

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