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Client Service Model



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"Do what you do so well, that they will want to see it again and bring their friends."

Walt Disney

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"Do what you do so well, that they will want to see it again and bring their friends."


Walt Disney



  • Improve client loyalty and build higher levels of trust with your best clients

  • Enhance referability by cultivating an experience that AAA and AA clients will want others to experience as well

  • Implement a fixed service program for each client group

  • Automate and deliver the Advocate Service Matrix consistently

  • Use time, energy and money resources efficiently in delivering the Advocate Service

  • Delegate each service activity to the applicable team member

  • Create procedures for each service activity to ensure consistent and flawless delivery of your Advocate Service


Create Your Client Service Model 

  1. Begin by reviewing Create Brand Loyalty.

  2. Carefully think about the client experience you want to create.

  3. Map out the activities you would like to include in Your Client Service Model.

    • Carefully consider the activities you don’t currently offer and identify the ones you’d like to incorporate into your client experience.

    • Consider the service activities that you presently engage in and assess the return on investment of the time, energy and money spent on each activity. If you plan to continue it, add it.

  4. Once you know which service activities you want to offer, you need to determine the following:

    • Which clients will receive this service?

    • How often will it be provided?

    • Who on the team will be responsible for this activity?

  5. Once you’ve customized Your Client Service Model you are ready to activate it. 

Deliver Your Client Experience 

  1. Implementing the Core Four:

  2. Find a great provider who has a wide range of stunning cards to choose from for the various acknowledgements you may be including:  Thanksgiving, Birthday, Holiday and Moments of Truth. 

  3. Use the Article of Interest Inventory to efficiently implement this personalized touch to your high value clients.

  4. If you haven’t chosen your annual anchor gift yet, review the Annual Anchor Gift Samples.

    • Begin brainstorming with your team.

    • Carefully review those items on your short-list.

    • Set a deadline for your decision.

Quality Control

  1. Assign a team member to fully automate Your Client Service Model on your CRM. 

    • Your CRM may have a service feature to allow for easy implementation or you may use a combination of recurring activities and workflows to do so.

    • If you do not have a CRM, you may have to use an Excel Spreadsheet in combination with Outlook.

  2. Have your team members create procedures for each of the service activities they are responsible for. 






















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