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Client Profiling



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"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."


Theodore Roosevelt

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  • Build the foundations for client-focused relationships that transcend money

  • Increase your awareness and understanding of the specific needs, desires and goals of your best clients (AAA, AA and A clients)

  • Provide customized attention and exceptional client service to meet the individual needs of each of your best clients

  • Enhance the level of trust you and your team have with your best clients


Develop Client Profiles for Your Top Clients

  1. Now is a good time to revisit your Rightsizing Worksheet to determine exactly how many top clients you currently have (these are your AAA, AA and A clients).

  2. Once you know exactly how many high value relationships you have, read about Providing an Exceptional Experience.

  3. Print and review the Client Profile Guidelines to easily identify the type of information you need to gather and use to deliver personalized service to your top clients.

  4. To begin development of these important client profiles, you may want to print off a copy of the Client Profile Template - Word Version or Client Profile Template - Excel Version and complete as much as you can.

  5. Once you are finished, circulate the Client Profile to anyone else on the team to see if they have additional information to add.

  6. If you know there are other areas where this type of information has been stored in the past (i.e. in a client file physically or somewhere else digitally) have someone on the team find it and add it to the Client Profile too.

  7. Determine how you will store this information on your CRM so everyone has access.

  8. For additional information, refer to How to Create Your Client Profiles.


Use Client Profiles to Deliver Exceptional Service

  1. For meetings or call rotations with your AAA, AA and A clients, always review the Client Profile information ahead of time so you are fully prepared.

  2. During your meeting or call rotation use the Client Profile information to create rapport and actively collect more client specific information through natural conversation.

  3. After every meeting or call rotation, someone on the team must record any new information gathered in the Client Profile section of the CRM. 

  4. If the new information is significant, it should be shared at the Weekly Team Meeting. 

Remember, the collection and use of client specific information is an ongoing process.  All team members should continually update and use this information in a meaningful way to connect and create chemistry with your top clients.

Moments of Truth


Through the course of having conversations with your clients, you will learn about many different things happening in their lives.  Some of these will provide you with an opportunity to deliver a Moment of Truth which is a highly impactful and genuine gesture to show your clients how much you care.

We will talk more about this in the next best practice, however, please review the Moments of Truth Guideline to get you started.


















TRUST is Everything

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