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The Road to Success



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"Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals."


Jim Rohn

These two videos are the same, but are offered in two different formats to accomodate our users. 

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Our comprehensive program is a challenging Business Development program with a lot of moving pieces.   You are to be commended on your completion of the formal part of the program. 


This Best Practice has been designed to ensure that you have a predictable track to run on going forward.  Regardless of how much you have implemented so far, we want to give you the tools so that you can reach 100% implementation, and all the successes that come with that. 



  • Revisit the vision of your Ideal Business

  • Identify the best practices you've adopted and are well underway

  • Identify the best practices that are still a 'work in process'

  • Have a clear plan for your continued implementation & progress

  • Provide an accountability mechanism to ensure ongoing implementation of business systems

  • Efficiently utilize the resources to operate your business


Know WHERE to Focus Your Efforts 

  1. To continue with successful implementation, you need to Know Where to Focus Your Efforts.

  2. Meet with your team for a comprehensive program review to capture where you are using Your Progress at the front of your Mindset Binder.

  3. Print & review the Annual Best Practices Check Up, which is specifically designed to help with your continued implementation and success related to the best practices covered in this program. 

  4. Carefully complete each section that’s relevant and meaningful to you. 

  5. Identify important goals and related timeframes for completion for each area of your business. 

  6. Communicate these goals and timeframes to your entire team.

  7. Use this tool as part of your annual business planning process. 

Know HOW to Focus Your Efforts 

  1. Use the time you've previously allocated in your organizer for your regular Mindset sessions to work on the business, and not just in the business.

    • You've gone several months now protecting this time for the future growth of your practice.  Keep the habit going over the long-run and you will continue to progress by remaining focused on what's important to you and your practice. 

  2. Weekly:  Include Mindset Consulting initiatives on the Weekly Team Meeting Agenda. 

  3. Bi-Weekly:  The time you’ve set aside for your Mindset Sessions can continue to be allocated to working on the business.

  4. Monthly:  Track and monitor your business metrics and progress, which might include:

    • Number of referrals

    • Number and type of new clients

    • New assets/revenues generated from new clients

    • New assets/revenues generated from existing clients (consolidation of assets) 

  5. Quarterly:  Meet with your team to provide updates on goals and objectives. Assess progress on these best practices and other important initiatives. 

  6. Yearly: Complete the Annual Best Practices Check Up as a team to reinforce the vision and be clear on future goals.  This should include the following:

    • Progress reports and results on business development initiatives

    • Update your Rightsizing Worksheet and assess growth in client segments, change in average account size and change average profitability per client.  Refer to Best Practice 4 for more information.

  7. Stay the course - remain committed and do what you know is right for you, your team, your clients and your practice.







If you LOVE the concept of completely systematizing your business from to to bottom (as was covered in this program) and want additional support you might want to pick up one of the following written by Michael Gerber:


  • The E-Myth

  • The E-Myth Revisited

  • The E-Myth for Financial Advisors

TRUST is Everything

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