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"Consistency is what transforms average into excellence."


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  • Develop and implement a strategic approach to Review Meetings

  • Ensure you are thorough and consistent with all Review Meetings

  • Develop an exceptional approach to Review Meetings for top clients that ties back to the PFO

  • Reinforce your comprehensive wealth management process at every Review Meeting

  • Reinforce your Introduction Process

  • Establish a consistent Review Meeting pattern which is easy for your team to plan and prepare for

  • Create a Review Meeting follow up process to ensure timely, accurate follow up 


Before you get started, review how to Be Strategic with Your Review Meetings.


Consistency & Accountability:  Review Meeting Frequency 


  1. All client Review Meetings should be scheduled in accordance to the frequency standards outlined in your Client Experience (the Service Matrix). 

    • Use your contact management system to fully automate this process and keep everything on track.

  2. It is recommended your Assistant books the Review Meetings. 

  3. All clients should receive a confirmation call two days prior to their appointment. 

  4. Use the Review Meeting Checklists to help you professionally prepare, deliver & follow up your meetings (ideally you can these translate to Workflows or Action Plans on your CRM):


Consistency & Accountability:  Review Meeting Experience


  1. Always use a standard agenda for conducting your Review Meetings:

  2. It's important you identify and prepare in advance any tools or other items you need to successfully walk through the agenda with your top clients (AAA, AA & A). This may include: 

    • Personal Financial Organizer 

    • Investment Policy Statement

    • Updated Portfolio Overviews

    • Critical Financial Events Graphics

    • What's Important to You?

    • Any other items you deem necessary to conduct the Review Meeting

  3. Always review your Client Profiling information prior to the meeting to ensure you can establish a good level of rapport before the meeting begins. 

    • Follow up on any timely events or activities they've been involved with.

    • If you know what their preferred beverage is, have it ready and waiting for them.

  4. Be sure to spend some time at each Review Meeting to reinforce your approach to Financial planning. 

    • Present the important information or highlights of your overall approach to ensure your clients can adequately explain to others what you do. 

    • Refer to the Review Meeting Key Message Scripting.

  5. It's also important you review your Introduction Process on the agenda each time you meet with clients. 

    • This reinforcement will create the awareness and stage-of-readiness necessary for them to act when the time is right.

    • The Review Meeting Introduction Scripting will help you develop an approach to consistently reinforce the Introduction Process with your clients.  As always, customize & rehearse so it is natural and conversational.

  6. Next, be sure to review their goals and objectives before you proceed to reviewing their current strategies and presenting updates and recommendations. 

    • The Personal Financial Organizer is the anchor of the Review Meeting for your best clients (AAA, AA and A) so you need to be sure they bring their PFO Binder to every review meeting. (The Review Meeting Confirmation Call Script includes a reminder for clients to bring the binder to this meeting.)

    • For clients in the ‘B’ group, review the The Personal Financial Organizer Mini for any strategies that require review or that need to be brought up for discussion.

  7. During the meeting, record any important notes (i.e. Client Profiling and financial information) and enter them in the client’s contact management record after the meeting.

  8. Finally, make sure you have an orderly meeting follow up process to ensure you deliver on what you say you will. 

Depending on your practice and the types of relationships reflected in your "D" group of clients, it may make good business sense to conduct these Review Meetings via mail/email or telephone.  If you believe mail/email is the best approach for your business, refer to Review Meeting Letter - No Action Required and Review Meeting Letter - Action Required.

Quality Control

  1. Assign a team member to fully automate the Review Meeting process on your CRM. 

    • If you do not have a CRM, you may have to use an Excel Spreadsheet in combination with Outlook.

  2. Have your team members create procedures for each of the Review Meeting activities they are responsible for. 




















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