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2nd Rebranding Appointment



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“No matter how good you get you can always get better, and that's the exciting part.” 


Tiger Woods

What you can expect from this best practice:


  • Business development through increased commitment to you by your top clients

  • Reinforce the key aspects of your practice and approach

  • Deliver a PFO to each of your AAA, AA and A clients

  • Fully engage your top clients in the enhanced approach to simplifying, organizing, and coordinating all aspects of their wealth  

  • Reinforce the Introduction Process to ensure they know how to introduce others to you

  • Deliver an amended version ‘welcome’ to show your top clients you value and appreciate them

  • Enhance referrability with your AAA and AA clients


The 2nd Rebranding Appointment


  1. Print, review and customize the following resources: 

  2. Print and review the 2nd Appointment Rebranding Advisor Script

  3. Customize the 'About Our Practice and Approach' section of the 2nd Appointment Advisor Script. 

    • Start with the script you used in the 1st Appointment Script for this section.

    • Next, reduce this section to a 3-minute brief overview to provide key messaging about you, and your process for working with clients. 

    • Use this customized 3-minute overview at the start of every client review meeting in the future.

  4. Customize the 'Our Introduction Process' section of the 2nd Appointment Advisor Script. 

    • Make sure the intent of the messaging is on track, but the overall delivery is reflective of your personality and communication style.

  5. Practice and rehearse the 2nd Rebranding Appointment using the Agenda and Script to ensure you are comfortable with the flow.

  6. Identify who on the team will be responsible for each of the 2nd Appointment Rebranding Pre-Appointment steps. 

    • Add this information to your Existing Client Checklist.

  7. Add all 2nd Appointment Rebranding scripts, resources and templates to your Procedures Manual. 


The Re-Welcome Process


  1. Identify your stunning card source and customize the Re-Welcome Card scripting. 

  2. Customize and format the Re-Welcome Letter.

  3. Customize the Re-Welcome Gift & Note.

    • The Welcome Gift accompanies this note.

    • The Welcome Gift should be the same gift used in your New Client Process.

  4. Identify who on the team will be responsible for each of the Re-Welcome Process steps. 

    • Add this information to your Existing Client Checklist.

  5. Add all Re-Welcome Process scripts, resources and templates to your Procedures Manual.



























These two videos are the same, but are offered in two different formats to accomodate our users. 

If you cannot access YouTube (the first video) click on Vimeo (the second video).

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