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1st Rebranding Appointment



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“Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room.” 


Jeff Bezos

These two videos are the same, but are offered in two different formats to accomodate our users. 

If you cannot access YouTube (the first video) click on Vimeo (the second video).



  • Initiate the rebranding process with your existing AAA, AA and A clients

  • Provide them with a copy of your revised and/or new Introduction Kit

  • Communicate a clear and precise structure for your enhanced financial planning activities

  • Outline the advantages of your improved process to existing clients

  • Identify and/or update the goals and objectives of your client to enable PFO preparation

  • Conduct a thorough updating of their financial situation to enable PFO preparation

  • Convey your Introduction Process to your triple ‘AAA’ and double ‘AA’ clients to ensure they know how to introduce others

  • Re-evaluate your single ‘A’ client relationships using the Existing Client FIT Meeting Process



Set the Stage for the 1st Rebranding Appointment


  1. To understand more about this business development initiative read Don’t Take Them for Granted.

  2. To prepare for the 1st Appointment print, review and customize each of the Pre-Appointment resources: 

  3. Identify who on the team will be responsible for each step in the Pre-Appointment Process. 

    • Add this information to your Existing Client Checklist from the previous best practice.


Note: You prepared the Introduction Kit previously in this program so it should be ready, with the exception of the two resources listed above in Step 3.


The 1st Rebranding Appointment


  1. To conduct the 1st Appointment first print and review the following resources. 

  2. Customize the 1st Appt. Rebranding Advisor Script where required.

    • Note that much of this scripting was created for the New Client Process so this is a great review opportunity.

    • Focus on the scripting that allows you to move from topic to topic with your existing clients.

    • Note the time estimations for each section.

  3. Practice the flow of this appointment using both the Agenda and the Script.

When Existing Clients May Not be a Good Fit 


This process should be used with the ‘A’ clients who need to be re-engaged with your services.


  1. Print and review the 1st Appointment-Is there a Fit for Problem Clients Agenda 

  2. Print and review the 1st Appointment Advisor Script-Is there a Fit for Problem Clients 

  3. Practice the flow of this appointment using both the Agenda and the Script.





















TRUST is Everything

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