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Existing Client Rebranding



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"Meeting expectations is good. Exceeding expectations is better.” 


Ron Kaufman

These two videos are the same, but are offered in two different formats to accomodate our users. 

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  • Enhance your relationship with existing top clients by gathering further Client Profile information 

  • Implement a clear and precise structure for your revised financial planning activities

  • Outline the advantages of your improved wealth management approach to existing clients

  • Deliver a PFO to your AAA, AA and A clients

  • Convey your Introduction Process to your triple AAA and double AA clients to ensure they know how to introduce others


How to Get Your Rebranding Initiative Underway


  1. Review Hitting the “Refresh” Button to understand the purpose of Client Rebranding.

  2. Print a copy of the following rebranding resources:

  3. Each step outlined in these resources will be broken down further in the subsequent Best Practices. All resources required for implementation will be provided.

  4. Print a copy of The Rebranding Tracker.

    • Use this resource to track clients as you bring them through this process and equally important to monitor the results of doing so.

  5. Set a target completion date to methodically go through this process with the clients in the AAA, AA and A groups.

  6. Review your list of AAA, AA and A clients to identify the first three clients you will be bringing through this process. 

    • Add these three clients to The Rebranding Tracker now.

  7. Assign a team member to coordinate the Existing Client Process.

  8. Create a folder on your desktop called 'Existing Client Process' and save each of the Existing Client Process resources in the folder.















TRUST is Everything

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