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The 3rd Appointment



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"You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother."



These two videos are the same, but are offered in two different formats to accomodate our users. 

If you cannot access YouTube (the first video) click on Vimeo (the second video).



  • Reinforce the personalized, comprehensive approach you use in working with clients

  • Present the Personal Financial Organizer (PFO)

  • Position the implementation of financial strategies as solutions for Critical Financial Events

  • Ensure that your client is comfortable with the solutions you are implementing

  • Reinforce your Introduction Process


The 3rd Appointment - Implementation


  1. To learn more about a core client deliverable related to this meeting read Enhance Your Branding with the PFO.

  2. Print out a copy of the 3rd Appointment Process Graphic.

  3. Review and customize the 3rd Appointment Confirmation Call.

  4. Review and customize the 3rd Appointment Agenda.

  5. Review and customize the 3rd Appointment Advisor Script.

  6. Fully prepare and assemble a personalized PFO binder for your new client to present in the 3rd Appointment based on the instructions below: Create the Personal Financial Organizer (PFO).

  7. Rehearse and practice conducting this appointment using the following: 

    • 3rd Appointment Agenda 

    • 3rd Appointment Advisor Script

    • Personal Financial Organizer 

  8. Identify who on the team will be responsible for each of the 3rd Appointment steps. 

  9. Add this information to your New Client Checklist.

  10. Add all 3rd Appointment scripts, resources and templates to your Procedures Manual.

Create the Personal Financial Organizer (PFO)


Your Personal Financial Organizer – The Document

  1. Customize the PFO Summary which is stored at the front of the binder.   

  2. The PFO positions you as the trusted professional who simplifies, organized and coordinates all aspects of wealth management and you may need to get compliance approval.

Your Personal Financial Organizer – The Client Binder

Identify how you want your Personal Financial Organizer to be assembled and presented to your clients. 

  1. Choose your quality PFO Binder by identifying and assessing your binder source options. 

    • Order the binders.  It may help you to establish an order quantity by using the following:

      • Estimate the number of new “A” clients you expect to bring on this year; and

      • Identify the total number of existing “A” clients you currently have because they will be receiving a PFO binder as part of our Client Rebranding.

  2. Choose your PFO Tabs thoughtfully so it is organized and functional for your clients.

    • The tabs should correspond to the major sections within your PFO template.

    • Find a tab source and order some tab sets.

  3. Add the PFO Tab Pages to provide additional guidance and structure for the PFO binder contents. 

  4. Determine where your primary information currently fits in the binder (i.e. which tab it belongs in).  Your primary information represents your current client deliverables and may consist of things like Investment Policy Statements, Financial Planning Projections, Insurance Needs Analysis, Portfolio Summaries, etc. 

  5. Understand where the secondary information fits in the binder (i.e. which tab it belongs in).  The secondary information includes items generated by third-parties (not you), such as Tax Summaries, Wills, Pension Statements, Investment Statements from other advisors, Trust Information, Mortgage Statements, etc.). 

  6. Identify any other value-adds you want to include with this binder that would maximize the impact it would have on your best clients. 

  7. This might include an Estate Planning Checklist that allows clients to record financial account information and other important information in one place.

  8. A plastic sleeve page at the back to store small documents or items clients don’t want three-hole punched.

    • A note pad and pen.

  9. Next, fully assemble a Sample PFO Binder for use in the New Client Process.


It is highly recommended you create a personalized PFO for each team member. 













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