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The 1st Appointment



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"You will never get a second chance to make a first impression."


Will Rogers

These two videos are the same, but are offered in two different formats to accomodate our users. 

If you cannot access YouTube (the first video) click on Vimeo (the second video).



  • Establish rapport, trust and understanding with a prospective client

  • Build client relationships using a forthright and well-understood meeting process 

  • Pre-emptively answer potential questions or concerns

  • Set the stage for a productive, professional relationship

  • Clearly articulate how you conduct yourself and what a client can expect from you

  • Ensure that the FIT process is used with every new client



The 1st Appointment - Is there a Fit?


  1. Review The 1st Appointment Graphic resource and add it to your Procedures Manual.

    • Every appointment in this process is Agenda-Driven so if you aren’t actively using agendas or need a refresher in why we recommend them, review Use Agendas.

    • To get a better understanding of your ‘no-fit’ options read Plan B: When There Isn’t a Fit.

  2. Print, review and customize the 1st Appointment Agenda.

    • Ensure the 1st Appointment Agenda is formatted and ready to use.

  3. Print and review the 1st Appointment Advisor Script

    • Note the time estimations for each section.

    • Customize the personal parts of the 1st Appointment Script. 

    • Do not change the order of the meeting.

    • Be concise and do not provide unnecessary detail.

  4. Use graphics to enhance the meeting experience and to create client engagement when discussing your wealth management process.

  5. Use tools to differentiate your branding and to continue to engage with the clients.

    • Review, customize and print the Understanding Your Expectations to assess prospective new clients based on their Assets (profitability) and Attitude.

    • Print the What’s Important to You? and use this tool to gather information directly related to what the prospective client values and places a high priority on.

      • Note: Each meeting participant should receive one of these to complete during the meeting.

    • You will also want to bring a sample of the questionnaire you use for fact finding to this meeting, if you have one.  If you don’t, we will help you identify one to use.

  6. Practice the 1st Appointment delivery in conjunction with the Agenda, Script and all other resources.

  7. Identify who on the team will be responsible for each of the 1st Appointment steps. 

    • Add this information to your New Client Checklist.

  8. Add all 1st Appointment scripts, resources and templates to your Procedures Manual.


Making the "Is there a Fit" Call


  1. Print and review the Is there a Fit Advisor Script.

  2. Practice the Is There a Fit Advisor Script.

  3. Assess Fit based on your: 

    • Ideal Client Profile 

    • Knock Out Factors

  4. Always call when and where you said you would.


















TRUST is Everything

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