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"We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then, is not an act but a habit."



These two videos are the same, but are offered in two different formats to accomodate our users. 

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What You Can Expect from The Mindset Method

Achieving your vision both professionally and personally is important to your continued success and overall quality of life.  The Mindset Method will allow us to carefully review your business in a highly structured and thorough manner.  Our goal is to help you implement our best practices in a way that strategically supports you and your vision. 

The Mindset Method has 4 Pillars we will carefully review together: 

  • Client Analysis

  • Client Experience

  • Client Onboarding

  • Client Rebranding 

As we work through each of our 4 Pillars together, we will fully integrate people, process and systems.  This means we are clearly defining roles and responsibilities, carefully documenting our processes to ensure high standards of quality control, and fully integrating systems to support the processes we are building (your CRM). 









The Mindset Method will help you and your team create a professional, predictable, consistent, turn-key business model which delights your clients and reduces stress for you and your team.   In our experience, it also creates a renewed enthusiasm for the business by the entire team.   

Achieving Your Ideal Business


Success in this program requires diligent effort to complete tasks and activities as well as a determined focus on implementation. Without implementation, you will not realize the optimal results.

  1. As each Best Practice is assigned to you, ensure everyone on the team fully reviews each section;

    • Why

    • What

    • How

  2. A print ready package for each best practice is available at the bottom of each Best Practice webpage. 

  3. Use your Mindset Consulting Binder to store training materials, assignments or other relevant items. 

    • Use the tabs to organize your information by Best Practice for easy reference. 

  4. As you work through each Best Practice, follow the instructions listed in the HOW section.

    • This section will always contain any resources required for your implementation. 

  5. Assign one team member to be the implementation coordinator for the work you will do over the coming months. 

    • The implementation coordinator is responsible for holding the team accountable for completing tasks and activities. 

  6. Allocate time in between the scheduled coaching sessions to ensure everyone has time to work individually as well as, collectively on each Best Practice as required.

  7. Insist that all team members come fully prepared to all meetings or work sessions.

  8. Let us direct you through the full program in a way that will be inspiring, challenging, engaging and fun.

  9. Read this article on Building Trust - enjoy!


Our overall approach to helping you organize, systematize and grow your business is founded on the concept of The Evolution of Marketing Integrity: It's all About Building Trust.





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